To honor our military’s talents and service, we’ve put together a significant, exclusive program to help vets grow a successful business. It’s our way of proudly giving something back.


Have you tried the food? Once you have, you’ll know it’s impossible to compare us to the competition. There’s a whole list of reasons why we’re the best choice. Pay us a visit and see firsthand what success really tastes like!

  • Message from the Founder

    Message from the Founder

    In 1965, Robert Coulson opened the Mr. Hero on Cleveland’s Westside. Since that day we remain an iconic restaurant that customers can’t get enough of. Click here to watch this short, yet entertaining video from our Founder!

  • Franchise Support

    Franchise Support

    As a franchisee, you will receive personalized training and support that never ends! This includes classroom and field training, 24 hour access to Mr. Hero’s exclusive video classroom, marketing support, and a support team that will assist you in achieving your goals.

  • Wold Class Marketing

    World Class Marketing

    We don’t just raise awareness for the brand; we raise the bar when it comes to our top-notch commercials. Let us show you! Click here to view our gallery and more information.

  • Me Hero Store Design

    Store Design

    Whether you open a single restaurant, multiple restaurants, or own a Mr. Hero territory, we have something to fit your needs. Click here to view our warm and welcoming restaurant concepts.

  • Investment


    It’s a great time to become part of our family and join in our success! Don’t miss out on this unique franchise opportunity! Click here to view a breakdown of investment requirements.

Let's Build Something Special Together

    Meet the Food that Makes us Famous

    Our philosophy has always been simple; to create uncommonly good tastes that customers will remember. For over 58 years, we’ve been doing just that! The Romanburger® has been and is still considered to be the best-burger ever created! Our classic Hot Buttered Cheesesteak™ and Chicken Philly are must haves, as well as our wide variety of side items that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

    Mr. Hero Roman Burger