Becoming a Franchisee


The Franchisee will receive personalized classroom and field training; as well as access to Mr. Hero’s Exclusive Video Classroom, where instructional videos make learning a stress free joy. As a franchisee you will also be assigned a personal Regional Director for ongoing field support; as well as corporate office staff who are eager to provide assistance.

Setting Us Apart


Our tag line, THE TASTE YOU CRAVE isn’t just a catch phrase. It is truly what sets us apart from the typical quick service restaurant. Just ask our customers! From the beginning we wanted to be a stand out in the restaurant industry, and we believe we are! Our food is so addictive that it should come with a warning label; we deliver a taste so good that it can’t be forgotten. Our signature Romanburger® and Hot Buttered Cheesesteak™ have made us a customer favorite from the start. And you’ve never tasted a steak sandwich until you’ve had one from our Steakery line. Our Steakery menu features 5 deliciously unique sandwiches like the Hatta Potatta®, Sicilian Parmesan™, and Sir Racha Bourbon™. They’re not just good, they’re flippin’ good! Words are words, but the real truth of Mr. Hero is in the eating. Before you make that final decision you owe it yourself to pay us a visit and then you can see firsthand what success really tastes like.

Mr. Hero Romanburger
Mr. Hero Hot Buttered Cheesesteak

Own Your Own Business


If we piqued your interest about owning a Mr. Hero restaurant, you will likely be processing a lot of thoughts and asking a lot of questions, this is to be expected. Give us a call and we will provide answers to your questions in a straight-forward honest manner; this will give you the understanding and confidence necessary in making the right decision. Not everyone is cut out to own their own restaurant or even be a business owner. Let one of our seasoned professionals help you determine if you are. You will have a casual, no pressure conversation that will help you determine your next path. The more you know about us and owning a Mr. Hero franchise, the easier it will be to make that all-important decision. We care about one thing and one thing only, YOUR SUCCESS. Your success is and always has been the only measure we can rightly determine, OUR SUCCESS!

Let’s get started – pick up the phone and give us a call!