Concept2 Model D Rower Review


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The Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine outshines them all!

Even though at the higher price range, the old expression, "you get what you pay for" is not only a cliche.

The industrial standard 'Concept2 Model D� is practically indestructible and can be tough enough to be utilized in gyms, boathouses, and various training centers around the globe.

It's also the perfect full-body workout system to place right in your house. Beginners and professionals alike swear with this rower and have even formed a cult-like following!

I combed through hundreds of testimonials from other resources and a great majority of them gave this rower a five-star evaluation! Additionally, I've possessed a Concept2 Model D Rower for several years and I totally concur.

But a few problems were difficult to see at first glance... before I created this supreme Concept2 Model D review!

Resistance Type

The Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine is an concept2 air-resistance rower.

Air immunity works by pulling a handle and turning a fan flywheel. Since the flywheel spins, it has to displace the air in the front of it, which results in the resistance.

The faster you spin the flywheel, the more air the lover needs to replenish, and also the more resistance you may feel.

To put it differently, your resistance level depends upon just how hard you row! The faster/ harder you row, the more resistance you may feel.

This is comparable to the way water immunity operates, but distinct from magnetic and hydraulic-piston rowers.

You may take a look at my complete breakdown of immunity kindshere to find out more about each kind.

It is also possible to browse my Air Circuit Magnetic immunity article to get a more comprehensive description of the way that air resistance functions.

Air resistance rowers supply a sleek general resistance and will be the favored resistance type one of all athletes.

Olympic rowing teams utilize the Concept2 Model D or E to get their away water training as a result of their precise data recording and capacity to closely mimic the immunity felt while rowing on water.

If this does not convince you that this is a terrific rowing machine, then I do not know what will!

Resistance Benefits
The Model D air immunity provides a rowing movement that's quite much like rowing on water and does not have any lag during the rowing stroke. Meaning, by the beginning of the stroke all the way into the end you'll feel a smooth, even immunity.

As stated previously, the immunity level is decided by your rowing strength. The quicker you row, the greater intensity you are feeling.

This automatically adjusting immunity is understand as 'factor' resistance.

It is not like a treadmill in which you place it to level 5 and you need to keep running at the rate until you alter the setting. It is also not just like a magnetic rowing machine in which you place the immunity to degree 5 and however slow or fast you row, you are feeling exactly the exact same resistance.

The Concept2 Model D immunity lets you row in your own intensity/pace and the immunity will adapt accordingly.

This 'factor' immunity is ideal for HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercises since you may row slow or fast along with also the resistance adjusts to your speed without needing to stop and change some configurations. That is the reason you find Concept2 rowing machines at each Crossfit style fitness center.

Another wonderful advantage of this Model D immunity is it's practically maintenance free and quite simple to fix if there's an issue.

Damper Preferences
Even though the Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine is categorized as 'factor' immunity, users may still correct the "texture" of the rowing stroke together with the damper setting.

Even though a lot of men and women believe that is exactly the same as "flexible" resistance levels, it's really somewhat different.

Users may alter the damper configurations from degree 1 to 10. The amounts do not represent distinct resistance levels, they signify the quantity of air moving into the flywheel, which impacts the "sense" of the rowing stroke.

Like gears on a bike, the various "gears" can provide you a much different feel when you are rowing. The higher configurations (6-10) provide you with the sensation of a slower, heavier ship, whereas the reduced configurations (1-5) provide you with the sensation of a sleeker, faster ship.

It actually depends upon your taste and it's easy to find out after you experiment with all the various configurations.

There are lots of YouTube videos and posts on the internet which are able to describe this in greater detail as soon as you've got your Concept2 Rower.

Resistance Negatives
As with other air rowers, the Concept2 Model D sound level is a little loud for a few users.

You may hear a 'whooshing' sound every time you row, which can be only the end created within the flywheel. It's possible to listen to me personally row in my Concept2 Rower together and with no TV on.

Most consumers simply listen to audio or turn the TV volume up to drown out the sounds. The Concept2 sound level shouldn't be loud enough to disturb anybody in your residence, if you aren't in a flat rowing at bizarre hours.

1 other drawback of atmosphere rowers, particularly the Concept2 Model D, is the general size. Air rowers are notoriously long that is excellent for tall users however they do need a massive workout area.

Concept2 urges a workout area of 9′ x 4′. There's More information on the measurements below

Total Travels
The immunity to the Concept2 Model D is among the greatest on the market. It gives smooth, powerful variable immunity and has the capacity to correct a damper setting.

Viewing it's your preferred rowing machine by Olympic athletes, who will say anything terrible about it?

So long as you've got the space requirement and also may manage the Concept2 sound level, you can adore the immunity given by the Model D Rower.

Here's a Fantastic movie that reveals the Concept2 Model D in activity (really a Model E however They're virtually indistinguishable):

Monitor/Control Panel

The Concept2 Model D comes standard with a PM5 (Performance Monitor 5) screen that is the poster child for rowing machine screens.

It is quite tough to feel that a fitness firm made this mini-computer. It is easy to use but is filled with choices.

Out of all of the features this rower includes, users raved about this among the most!

Fitness Data Tracking
The Concept2 Model D PM5 track is promoted as a 'training spouse' and they were not bluffing.

It monitors distance, 500m divide (rate), time, strokes per minute, calories, watts, and so much more. It may also compute the averages of all of these metrics.

You've Got Lots of options when it comes to your exercise preferences:

Instantly begin rowing without pressing any buttons on the track (when the flywheel starts turning it will power up and supply information)
Select among five preset workouts
set up a workout regimen
Perform a match and find a succinct rowing lesson with cartoon showing you appropriate technique.
The screen is large and the information is simple to read, if you are in the beginning (grab) or complete position. Additionally it is backlit so you can see the information in low light settings.

The Concept2 PM5 monitor shows you all you want to know while still rowing.

The top section offers total time, number of strokes per minute, space attained along with 500m split time.

You can Select from five different picture displays for the underside section:

All Data (shows added information)
Force Curve (reveals a chart for how force fluctuates between your thighs, back, and arms throughout the driving movement of your row [it essentially lets you know if your rowing movement is smooth or not])
Paceboat (reveals picture display of your ship from a makeshift boat; you might also place a preceding workout of yours since the paceboat so that you can race against yourself)
Bar Chart (shows picture display in a bar chart format of this total watts of electricity generated during every stage of the exercise)
Large Print (reveals data with bigger font)
Click here to find the complete breakdown on the Concept2 site.
Heart Rate Tracking
Along with the multiple screen options, in case you've got a compatible chest strap plus a heartbeat attachment (approximately $50), your heart rate will be shown on the track with the remainder of your workout info!

The PM5 supports ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart for wireless heart rate tracking. But, Concept does point out that "Bluetooth Smart" is another technology than "Bluetooth".

From what I could gather, they're technically the exact same thing. "Bluetooth" is a protocol used in much more potent technology with an improved data rate. "Bluetooth Smart" can be used in apparatus for recording smaller, more specific data such as heart-rate and blood-glucose meters.

Just ensure that your heart rate monitor is Bluetooth Smart harmonious!

Tracking your heartbeat provides you added advantages such as the ability to keep in target heart rate zones while still exercising.

The PM5 track has apps that show a bar chart of your heartbeat every 10 minutes while rowing and additionally stores heart rate data prior to and after workout.

USB Drive & PC Link
Another cool feature of the PM5 is your USB Drive. The USB Drive enables you to store and save records of your exercise info.

This is useful in case you use more than 1 Concept2 Model D rower since the drive will enable you to set your workouts on various machines.

For direction and additional investigation of your exercise data it is possible to move the information from the USB into Concept2's internet logbook known as 'Concept2 Utility'.

Besides uploading your info, you will find other third party apps available that do even more while your Concept2 Model D is linked to a PC.

1 definite program shows a graphical representation of what you seem like rowing at a rowboat in exactly the exact same rhythm and rate you are now rowing about the rowing machine.

There are so many different 3rd party attributes for your Concept2 PM5 track this segment barely scrapes the surface. You will get a lot of information about the Concept2 site.

Additional Attributes
The PM5 Monitor feels and looks durable. The buttons feel like quite challenging rubber which may take a good deal of abuse and also the ribbon on the buttons seem like they will not ever fade away.

It's attached to a flexible monitor arm so that you can move it up or down. It automatically turns on when you begin to row and can be powered by two D batteries.

1 added bonus is that the Concept2 Model D includes a power-generation quality that offers power to the track as you're Pilates, which can help conserve battery life.

PM5 Monitor Overall
All in all, the Concept2 Model D PM5 is a superb track that does not obtain any complaints. It's the best track on the market and it has an amazing number of features.

If you're a information nut and enjoy tracking improvement, then this really is actually the rowing machine for you!

Here's a Fast video that highlights a few of the main attributes:

Even though this isn't a part of this 'Monitor/ Control Panel', I needed to mention that somewhere, so I will do it here.

A fantastic proportion of consumers adored the Concept2 neighborhood (online forum) since it is a fantastic spot to meet other rowers and to get suggestions about the best way best to get the most from your rowing machine.

The manufacturer can also be good with encouraging their community and inspiring owners. They even offer prizes for hitting specific milestones with their rowers.

By way of instance, Concept2 provides you an exclusive t-shirt for linking the "Million Meter Club" by rowing one million yards in their own rower (time necessary to hit the landmark does not matter). If that is not sufficient, they provide incentives to children to get rowing and give away a weekly trophy to arbitrary rowers that log at least ten million meters per week.

The Concept2 Rowers also have the maximum information on the internet about workouts and technique which could be located on YouTube and assorted physical fitness sites.

Instagram can also be packed with people publishing daily work outs and procedure videos. It's among my favourite areas to communicate with additional Concept2 owners.

Each of these tools are useful once you're wanting to mix up things with a new work out, needing to best your rowing technique, or will need to know that a track function.

Build Superior

Given the higher price of the Concept2 Model D Rower along with the producer's solid reputation, you'd anticipate this rowing machine to be quite durable.

The fantastic thing is that your expectations will be proper!

The Concept 2 Model D comes in a black or matte end and is commercial grade. Meaning, it is designed to withstand the punishment of continuous use at a gym.

Therefore don't be worried about it breaking on you some time soon, however hard you try to conquer this up.

Nothing around the device feels cheap (there are no affordable plastic components). The foundation includes steel back legs, an aluminum front, along with a aluminum I-beam monorail using a stainless-steel seat monitor.

Numerous users of varying strength levels have utilized this rower often for more than ten decades and have said it still works as it did when they first purchased the unit.

This speaks volumes about the Concept2 Model D's durability and longevity. You'll get more powerful as you use it, therefore it is important that the machine is sufficiently powerful to handle the increase in workload it can get.

According to its layout, you may hear common noises like the rolling of this chair, the pulling of the deal, along with the enthusiast. But, you won't hear any creaking along with other bothersome noises most commonly seen on more economical rowing machines.

Quality Complaints
A tiny fraction of consumers said they struck a couple of problems with their rower whenever they unboxed it.

Several users said they needed to correct the display that separated the two parts of the flywheel cover.
They all said it had been an extremely simple fix rather than a concern.
Two consumers commented that the stainless steel coat on the fan cowling was not fitted properly.
They could repair the problem themselves and it does not seem to be a significant issue.
Concept2 has a very supportive customer support team, so that I would not be worried about encountering issues rather than getting excellent aid in a timely way.

I phoned them on a few times to get some questions answered for this review and they have been incredibly beneficial. A couple of users even commented on how fast they received calls/ e-mails from them.

Concept2 Noise Level Continued
I know I said this earlier but it's such an important problem to some users that I wished to emphasize it again.

The sound level of this Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine is exactly what you'd expect from some other air-resistance rower.

The tougher you row, the more extended the enthusiast gets. Nevertheless, this may either be a great thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it.

Many of users said they really liked when the sound was "loud" because it is a sign they are exercising hard and it is inspiring.

You may read my sound level post I linked to above to really listen to me rowing my Model D using the TV off & on.

Just know that 99 percent of consumers don't have any problem with the sound level on the Concept2 Model D.

I didn't find many reviews complaining about some other quality problems, so that is a testament to the strong build quality of this Concept2 Model D Rower.

A lot of individuals even claim that the Concept2 Rowers have the best build quality of any rowing machine. Being endorsed by a great guarantee (mentioned below) also reveals how Concept2 thinks in the quality of their merchandise.


What's a system if it is built tough enough to carry countless meters of misuse but it is not comfortable enough for you there in the first location?

Fortunately, you won't need to be concerned about that problem (for the most part).

The chair on the Model D is contoured and cushioned, which makes it comfortable for many users.

But, based upon your weight and typical amount of exercise time, you might want to generate some minor alterations.

Many users that have logged a great deal of meters mentioned the way the chair gets tougher over time. So expect some tweaking with your chair a couple of years in the future.

A couple of users fold a towel and set it over the chair for additional cushioning. Others have said a detachable seat pad has worked nicely for them.

I wrote a post that highlights a number of those best Concept2 chair pads here.

The small tilt of the chair makes keeping proper upright posture simpler relative to a plain, flat chair.

The handle is ergonomically designed and can be coated with molded rubber grips. So far as the real design of this deal (pulling of this manage hurts the wrist, etc.), no consumers have cited problems within this section.

A reasonable number of users, said (such as the maker themselves) that fresh rowers could expect to obtain a couple blisters on their hands throughout the first couple weeks of usage.

This is a result of the manage being molded of rubberized that allows for a more efficient rowing stroke.

To aid with the matter, users recommend wearing gloves to produce the handle feel milder on your palms. Watch what gloves are the very best in my rowing glove breakdown article.

I really don't believe the deal is too difficult, however if you are not utilized to grasping matters on a regular basis you'll need to provide your hands a couple of weeks to fix.

The footrests are elastic and have a special design which permits the rower to receive their own "shins vertical" even if they don't have elastic ankles.

You won't experience any difficulties with your feet slipping out while rowing either!

1 user even commented that he considers the heel rests were created for barefoot rowers since it seems really comfy when he pops without shoes!

If you row barefoot or with sneakers, the footrests seem to be comfortable for either taste.

Rowing Stroke
The rowing movement with this rower is smooth and gives an experience much like rowing on water. That is one of the principal reasons professional rowers utilize it.

The chair slides effortlessly onto the monorail and the string that pulls the flywheel does not snag. This contributes to a smooth catch, drive, finish, and restoration movement.

The only care to be certain that your machine asserts its fluid performance is to maintain the string lubricated and wash out the monorail periodically.

These activities are incredibly simple to do and you will find directions in the Model D guide to help you through the procedure.

Here's a Fantastic movie to breakdown the last two segments on 'Build Quality' and 'Comfort' of the Concept2 Model D rower:


The rowing machine features a huge footprint when in use, however the dimensions is essentially cut in half if it is removed for storage.

To conserve floor area, all you need to do is separate the monorail and the flywheel section of the rower. Then break the flywheel part of the rower on its "mind" and produce the monorail segment "stand up".

It's extremely simple to do and I am frankly surprised that something really durable and large can be set out in a matter of moments.

Users commented that the process can take between 10-20 minutes to pull-apart and yet another 10-20 minutes to return together.

1 user claims when in "storage mode" that the rower is equal to half of the size of a normal fridge.

You may even keep the Concept2 Model D Rower vertical in the event that you've got a tall enough ceiling. Many gyms shop their own Concepts Rowers this manner as it's quickly and saves a lot of space.

The Concept2 Rower includes two caster brakes on the front end of this device. Considering that the rower weighs over 60 pounds it is not that hard to maneuver around if desired.

The Concept2 storage attribute is an outstanding advantage, particularly to get a rower for this particular size footprint.


Per the documentation, the weight capacity for your device is 500 lbs.

Many consumers well over 300 lbs have utilized this rowing machine with no problem and still felt that the rower was powerful and hardy.

Some rowing machines aren't fit for shorter users therefore I chose to provide Concept2 a telephone to be certain that there were not any height constraints.

Each representative I talked to said they never heard of any dimension limitations for shorter individuals and said they understand kids using the machines frequently.

When doing research with this rower, I didn't read 1 review speaking about issues for users that are shorter.

For taller consumers, it is hard to ascertain how tall is "too tall" to your rower since the essential problem is leg inseam length rather than general elevation.

Based on Concept2, the monorail span is 54.0″ (137cm) and will match an inseam length up to 38.0″.

A few users who are 6'8″ and 6'9″ managed to use the device with no problems and assert they had a few inches to spare to the monorail.

Additionally, to further facilitate your worries (if there aren't any), Concept2 provides an add-on which expands the monorail by a different 5.0″ to get an additional price of ~$250.

So unless you are literally 9.0′ tall, this rower will operate just fine.


The Concept Model D Rower is simple to construct and just requires eight washers and screws. Everything could be placed together using the included wrench.

Not 1 user said they had a challenging time building the Concept2 Model D. Even people without a previous building experience could place this rower together!

The instructions are quite easy to follow and many users have the ability to place the rowing machine collectively in 10-25 minutes.

As soon as I received my Concept2 Rower I could not believe how quickly I put it together. I actually went over every measure twice as I thought I had been missing something.

Do not think me!?

Watch this movie and see a guy put together the rower in under 3 minutes. You may bookmark this page to refer back to once you get your rower.

The Concept2 Model D is created by one of the most admired brands at the rowing market.
It is solidly constructed for industrial use and takes a minimum quantity of maintenance to help keep it operating smoothly for several years.
Its reputation for becoming a good rowing machine enables it to maintain its value quite well. You may resell it on Craigslist for just a small percent less than the listing price.
The rowing movement is extremely fluid and matches almost any user dimension.
The added PM5 monitor is among the very best workout monitors on the market!
It's simple to construct and requires seconds to keep away.
Concept2 includes a dedicated online community. Simple to locate workout tutorials and directions.
Its prevalence allows for simple finding of spare components and service businesses.
The producer gives a fantastic guarantee.
30-Day money-back Guarantee (see warranty for complete details)
Best complete rowing machine in the marketplace.

The device is roughly 8 feet long hence a great deal of distance is needed to utilize this rower.
The chair can be embarrassing for many people and it becomes tougher after years of usage.
The deal could be a bit tough on the hands.
The enthusiast can be too noisy for many people. It'll get louder the harder/ faster your own row.
The vast majority of users rated the system the maximum rating possible for a variety of reasons. Reasons included the strong build quality, realistic immunity, smooth rowing movement, and the surface of the line functionality track.

Users rave about the second-to-none customer support and remark on just how much they like being included from the Concept2 community. The rowing machine provides rowing hints, host's competitions, and gives away free awards for hitting different rowing milestones.

It is challenging to find somebody who does not enjoy the Concept 2 Model D and should you discover that rare individual, they're likely angry they do not own one yet.

All jokes aside, this really is 1 rowing machine which practically everyone enjoys!