Our Vets. Our Heroes. Our Plan.

Becoming a part of the Hero family is just the beginning.

Mr. Hero knows our vets have what it takes to grow a successful business; dedication, discipline, and sacrifice. In consideration for your talents and service to our nation, Mr. Hero has put together a significant program exclusively for our vets; it’s an honor to give something back.

The following discounts apply to first time Vets who franchise a new Mr. Hero location:

  • 50% off your initial franchise fee
  • 50% off your royalties for the first year
  • A Great Referral Program
    • For each qualified veteran referred to us, you will receive another year of 50% off your royalties on your initial Mr. Hero franchised store.
    • This referral program is limited to 3 referrals in 3 years.
    • This means that you could potentially have the benefit of 4 years of 50% off your royalties on your initial Mr. Hero franchise.

We’re proud and honored to provide this program; we look forward to working with you every step of the way.